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Yes, are you on the right page. This is the new landing page for Ecommerce Systems.

You’re probably wondering why the website for changed to this page. Let me explain….

Just like some entrepreneurs, it took me some time to figure out what my business is really about. I consulted for the last 3 years, and it wasn’t until this recent months that I realized that what I truly love is “Strategy and Execution” side of the business.

I fell into ecommerce back in  1997, it wasn’t because I was an earlier adopter, or had the vision that the internet would change retail as we know it, it wasn’t that I was exactly head over heels with ecommerce, it was because I didn’t know any better. The only thing that I can say is that I was willing to try something new, just like many of you, I had to find another way to distribute the goods I sold retail. I was looking for new customers outside my four walls.

But I do love ecommerce business and its amazing to me how the internet has level the playing field for so many small business owners, that not only can we sell goods online all over the world but that we can make a nice living and provide for our family and still have fun (most days anyways).

As I mention earlier, I love the strategy and execution side of business most of all. There is no short cut to planning how you are going to promote your business, what products to sell, how you are going to take care of your customers and strive for having meaningful 2 way conversations.  There is no short cut to execution, the only way this was going to work is for a business to have a well though out plan and a way to execute/ take action against this plan.

This is where The Systems Coach comes in. I don’t know how other business owners can run several businesses at the same time and do them well, but for me, I know that when I am laser focus on that one thing, that one thing comes to life and it gets done, and done according to the plan. Sure things change, and that is the aspect that is sometimes makes running a business “fun” but most of the time, unexpected is not a good thing and that is why you need a system to run your business.

As I reflect over my consultation with clients and my own businesses that I’ve own, the one common thread is that the businesses that did well had a system and the ones that didn’t ultimately failed.  This is the reason why I decide to bring all the aspect of consulting under one roof.

There is 3 components to The System Coach:

1. Marketing as a System thru training seminars and consultation with the goal of getting your customers to say Yes Again over and over.  I can help you customize a marketing system and process that works for your business that delivers the result you want consistently so long as you follow the process.

2. Ecommerce as a system – helping you grow your ecommerce business thru systems and processes gear towards an ecommerce best practices and tailored strategies to help you compete and grow in the marketplace. I can help you understand how to position yourself in this ever changing and highly competitive ecommerce space. With this position, we will leverage your resources to grow your business, to use ecommerce best practices and to create systems and process that are customer centric so that you customer will buy from your website again, so that your brand is stays top of mind, and most of all that you enjoy running your business and that its not running you.

3. Business coaching – Every great athlete has a great coach support him/her,  in business that should also be the case. I recall that when I ran my business, I didn’t have anyone to talk to, sometimes, you can’t talk to your partner or your spouse, they are just too close to the situation, they can’t be as objective when decision that you make impacts them one way or another. Then there are the employees, while you like them, spend time with them, even party with them, they are not the ones you can really pour your heart out to , you need to present yourself as the strong fearless leader on the outside, so that they don’t get worried and concern about the stability of the business.  So having a 3rd party coach is the one person that you know that what you talk about are confidential, they can give you sound advise, they can be there to listen and give you the “cold hard truth” when you need it.

So regardless if you decide to work with me or not, really think about the aspect of your business that you want to improve, grow, scale and then consider the things that you “feel” are holding you back. Find someone to help you, you will be glad you did.


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