Bang for Your Buck: 7 Signs You Are Mismanaging Your Business Capital

Ecommerce has drawn entrepreneurs of all hues; there are some of us who know how exactly this compliments our core business plan, and others who are jumping in to see what all the fuss is about. Whether you are here with a clear strategy or just testing the waters, the ecommerce experience is likely to […]

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6 Ways to Make Your Employees Feel Appreciated and Valued

Give your people a chance to be heard A lot of employees leave a company when they feel like they are not being heard by the management. Therefore, you have to always listen to the grievances, ideas, and suggestions of your employees; it might be the best solution to a problem that you’re trying to […]

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10 Trends That Will Change The Way You Market in 2015

2015 will bring great deal of changes on how you plan and carry out a marketing campaign. Here are some of them: Google’s Penguin 3.0 will give those whose ranks were affected negatively in the past a fresh chance to start over. Your website cannot appear like you are doing “active SEO”. Google’s core rule […]

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Your Ecommerce Business Needs an Excellent Customer Service

As I’ve already explained in my previous articles, ecommerce requires a lot of hard work and strategic planning in order to achieve an excellent level of customer service. You see, customers may not be screaming at your face, but it is possible that they are writing negative reviews about your product on blogs, forums, Yelp, […]

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eCommerce Weekly Checklist: Email Marketing

Problem/Opportunity: One of the most powerful marketing tools for an ecommerce business is email marketing. To begin, you need a list of email addresses (database) and a system to create and send emails (you can use your own email system or a web-based version). Do you want to reach out to past customers, offer special […]

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7 Major Mistakes Smart Ecommerce Entrepreneur Make

In my 18+ years of doing ecommerce business, I’ve seen many entrepreneurs who have succeeded and thriving in their ecommerce business as well as many who have struggled and ultimately failed. It makes me wonder why some people are successful and others are not. What are the common theme and elements that successful ones have […]

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eCommerce Weekly Checklist: Facebook for eCommerce

The Problem/Opportunity Facebook connects people. As such, it has also become a powerful marketing tool that creates a bridge between customers and businesses. However, many marketers fail to fully maximize Facebook for eCommerce by inadvertently committing mistakes that hurt their marketing efforts. The Solution Before anything else, is it going to be a group or […]

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5 Signs your Purchasing Department is in Trouble

Erroneous procurement processes can cause bottlenecks in growing your business. On the other hand, proper management and using of appropriate metrics will help run your everyday operations smoothly. Think of your purchasing department as the backbone of your ecommerce store. I have always told my team that the power of the company lies in the […]

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Guidelines for Ecommerce Fulfillment Workflow

Many startup entrepreneurs take order fulfillment lightly without understanding its dangerous impact on the business. I would tell you that this particular aspect is error-prone. Picking, packing, boxing, shipping … these are repetitive tasks that your team will have to perform every time a customer places an order. It can be a tedious workflow, and […]

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eCommerce Weekly Checklis: Get Employees to Think Like Owners

Problem/Opportunity: Motivating employees can be difficult. Aren’t they supposed to show up to work already motivated? The zeal that a business owner has for his/her own business is what can make it really challenging for entrepreneurs to keep employees motivated. They just don’t understand how anyone couldn’t be as excited about the business as they […]

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