Consumer Expectation for Customer Service: Here and Now!

This era of instant contact and immediate responses has affected all aspects of our lives and it should surprise no one to realize that the bar for Customer Service has also been steadily getting higher. I see this so often that it still bears repeating. A company’s success is not determined just by marketing and […]

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The Buck Stops Here: Owning Your Organization Vision

Mission statements and vision statements are a part of any business start-up in our times. The danger is that these words have become such a part of the jargon that very often they hide a lack of clarity. An entrepreneur may often assume that they have communicated the essence of their idea with a pithy […]

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Understanding Strategy: Moving from Checklist to Vision

I have to admit, I love checklists! They’re invaluable for me to stay organized and I find checklists a great way to prioritize and make sure that nothing gets forgotten or ignored in setting agendas, whether in business or my personal life. However, I do believe that checklists, while a great tool, cannot be used […]

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Intelligent Brand Building: Why Every Employee is a Marketer

I recently met someone who wanted to rent an apartment and as I was talking to him, I asked where he worked and more about the nature of his job. He said that he works for a technology company, I didn’t recognize the name, and he said that they worked on hosting, cloud storage and […]

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SEO and Beyond: Clicking With Your Human Audience

We are all swept up in the SEO frenzy because we hear it all the time. Recent search engine algorithm updates have made people remember that SEO is not just about random use of keywords. However, there is still an unholy preoccupation with ranking high with SEO. In a recent article, I told you about […]

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Tony Robbins’ Six Human Needs: Understanding Your Customers

Many of you may have heard of Tony Robbins, the famous life and business strategist. I’m a big fan, in fact I’m not only a fan, I’m also a customer. I have attended numerous Unleash the Power Within (UPW) events and also three of Robbins’ mastery workshop/seminars. My personal favorite is the 7 day Date […]

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“How Can I Help You Today?”: Customer Service as Marketing Strategy

Customer service is what happens when a business truly takes care of a customer’s concerns, it’s about the service. That element of care and service are forgotten way too often, when companies decide to focus on the economic optimization of each transaction. So, if you are thinking of how long an agent spends with a […]

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Using Others: When Does Outsourcing Make Sense?

A growing ecommerce enterprise will reach a point when there will be need to expand operations. While growth is always exciting, some of the choices of how to handle expansion can be challenging. If you are the entrepreneur or manager of such an enterprise, one of the tough questions to address is when to hire […]

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Sorting out the Numbers: 7 Accounting Missteps to Avoid

Every entrepreneur knows that accounting is the backbone that gives every business its shape. Tracking the numbers and having a firm grasp of amounts spent and amounts earned is critical for every organization. A business has to be doubly sure to keep the numbers sorted out as it can easily derail without rigorous control. Sometimes, […]

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Closing the Deal: Converting Leads to Sales

Marketing, lead lists, conversion, sales are the words rattling around in the head of anyone trying to run a successful business. The whole point of any enterprise, whether you are selling a product or a service, is to reach the people who need it and to make sure the deal is closed. As we all […]

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